About Us

How We Got Started!


     JW Plumbing & Heating NY started out as a man and his dream. In 1997 Chet Johnson began his plumbing career in Florida. As he started out in this profession, he knew he wanted to be a Master Plumber, and one day have his own plumbing business. Over the years, he received a vast amount of knowledge and training from supervisors, and co-workers both in the residential and commercial aspects of the industry. In 2007, Mr. Johnson received his State Plumbing Certification from the Florida Department of Business And Professional Regulations (DBPR), and in August of 2008, Chet Johnson Plumbing, Inc. was born. As the Florida business started to grow, it focused its sights on the commercial market, and it started doing business with big box stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot, just to name a few. One of the biggest client’s acquired by the company was Publix Supermarkets (a grocery store chain in Florida and Georgia). As we continued to grow doing commercial construction and service, we broadened our client base, bringing on clients such as bank asset managers, real estate agents, and facility maintenance management companies. In 2011 the company was licensed as a Florida State Certified General Contractor, and the name was changed to Chet Johnson General and Plumbing Contractors, Inc.  

As we continue to grow now providing construction and plumbing services, we are able to provide our clients a competitive, innovative and premiere service. In 2017 Chet Johnson set his sights on New York and New York City. In October of 2018 Mr. Johnson received his Westchester County Master Plumber License from The Department of Consumer Affairs. In October 2018  JW Plumbing & Heating NY, LLC. was created with a strategic business plan starting with a focus on facility management companies. We have developed a network of stable facility management clients, which has given us a stable growth plan thus far. As we continue to grow our brand, we do so with the constant ability to provide first class service through the hiring and continued professional training of our technicians.  JW Plumbing & Heating NY, uses 5 star rated dispatching software to keep our clients and technicians informed. Looking forward to the years to come,  JW Plumbing & Heating NY has a plan to be doing business in the entire Continental United States, and three Caribbean islands. 

  Mission Statement

“We will do our best to improve the quality of life for our customers, clients, and professional technicians, by continually re-inventing our business practices to the benefit of those most important to us”.